Taiwan Hostfamily Program

Taiwan Hostfamily Program

  • Taiwan Hostfamily Program is organized by Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), to give international students a more personal, first-hand experience in Taiwan. Living with a hostfamily will not only give you a chance to see Taiwanese family life for yourself but will also allow you to build special relationships during your time here. You can find us online at:http://www.hostfamily.org.tw

    Also, the Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/TaiwanHostfamily

    Who are the Hostfamilies?

    All of our host families are volunteers, so they must first of all be willing to open up their homes and lives to an international student, but they must also be financially able to do so. In addition to these two basic necessities, our host families must meet certain other requirements. For one thing, in order to qualify as a hostfamily, they must go through our comprehensive training program.
  • Hosting Period

    The Taiwan Hostfamily Program currently offers four different hostfamily options:

    1. Friendship Only (does not include overnight stays)
    2. Weekend Experience (2-3 days at a time)
    3. Short-term Experience (1-2 weeks as part of a short-term study program)
    4. Long-term Experience (less than 1 month)

    Since our host families are volunteers, it is difficult to find families who are willing to host for such an extended length of time; so, in this case, someone on the Long-term Experience is likely to stay with several families during their time with our program.

    What does the hostfamily provide?

    .Host families are responsible for providing their international student with shelter, food, and friendship.

    .Host families are available to help you learn more about Taiwan. As such, please feel free to ask them questions about what you see going on around you during your time in Taiwan. The unusual things you might see here aren’t bad, they’re just different. In order to better appreciate some of those differences, it would be a good idea to ask members of your hostfamily for explanations. In this way you’ll gain insight into the Taiwanese culture and ways of life.

    .Furthermore, our host families will be very happy to help as you try to practice Chinese. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can try out some new phrases on them. You might even find that, if you’re willing to listen closely, you’ll learn lots of new words simply by living side by side with a Taiwanese family.

    How to Apply For a Hostfamily?

    1.Contact the school or non-profit organization with which you’re affiliated to receive application and consent forms or for more details.

    2.A teacher or an international adviser at the school with which you’re affiliated will be able to help you apply for a hostfamily. The application they make on your behalf will be sent to the Taiwan Hostfamily Program’s office at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

    ※ Any application to stay with a hostfamily during your time in Taiwan must be made through your school.