Rico Tedyono from Indonesia

Rico Tedyono from Indonesia
Master Student of Chemical Engineering
National Cheng Kung University
Testimonial About NCKU
Most people would say that chemical engineering is a combination of 2 disciplines. But I would say that it’s a fusion of 3, consisting of chemical, physic and soft skills. This holistic approach prepares us well for the future. However, an interesting course like this comes with its challenges.

Why do i choose NCKU? Selecting a university to study plays an important role in most people’s life. The university we go to does not only affect our knowledge but it influences our point of view and our career as well. Upon realizing this importance, I have spent much of my time looking for an appropriate university .Finally, the one which I look to as the next step in my academic journey is the National Cheng Kung University (or often called the NCKU).

There are many advantages for selecting NCKU as a place to further your education. NCKU strong reputation in the field of technological education attracts students from developing countries for the study of bio-tech, semi-conductor technology, business, and of course in chemical engineering.

The motivating factors for my decision are threefold: the university’s prestige, diversity and modern facilities. NCKU is one of the very few universities in Taiwan which can boast of having a truly multi-cultural student population.

One of the main differences between NCKU and other university is its emphasis on hands-on experience. Almost all our core subjects consist of lab work. I feel that the most important thing about lab work is that it lets us have a feel of what we have learned and enables us to see the whole picture. Sometimes, I find myself collecting bits and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle during lectures and the lab work is the frame where I piece everything together. Real applications often involve a blend of a variety of technologies, and knowing the options and limitations help a great deal. The vigorous nature of the course teaches me to pick up new skills quickly and to work within a tight schedule.

Without hesitation, I rate the graduate program and in particular Chemical Engineering at NCKU as an excellent academic experience. I have no regrets choosing the graduate NCKU Chemical Engineering Dept as my first choice to pursue my PhD and I would put it as my first choice again.

By Rico Tedyono, National Cheng Kung University