Pendidikan Teknologi dan Vokasional di Taiwan

技職教育在台灣 TVET Education in Taiwan

After the recent world economic meltdown, many industries could not find the qualified workforces. Ironically, highly educated graduates were jobless. Globalization of current world economy requires more skillful and practical workforces. In order to meet the demand, diverse and well-rounded Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) curriculums are necessary. Taiwan’s TVET education has set a great example in designing the curriculums.

TVET curriculums in Taiwan not only prepare students with the basic theories through curriculums; students also have chances apply the theories. They require innovate solutions to overcome real challenges throughout their learning process. And the performance and learning outcome of these students have been proved. These students’ undisputable success in diverse international world skill competitions, such as the IF, Red Dots design awards in Germany, communication design, hair and beauty and culinary skill competitions, and novel inventions awards in Korea, Germany, and Geneva demonstrates that the trainings they have received do prepare them to meet the needs of dynamic economy around the world.