Taiwan HiRecruit Online

Taiwan Hirecruit Website: http://hirecruit.nat.gov.tw

Globally recognized for their cutting-edge technology and competitiveness in world markets, Taiwan’s major industries are now looking for highly experienced foreign professionals to work closely with them in their transition to the next level of technological development.
Taiwan HiRecruit Online offers the following features and services:
n A built-in active, automatic two-way job-matching system that connects employers with job applicants
n Free membership registration
n Instant access to information for foreign expats (e.g. visa application, health insurance, taxes, housing, education, etc.)
n Free search-and-apply for current job vacancies
n Regular e-newsletter of employment vacancies
Top Ten Area for Taiwan to Prosper with Global Talents
Expertise/talents needed
Productivity 4.0
    Robot, automation & control, big data, IoT, cloud computing
    R&D, application, system integration
Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
    Senior R&D managers
    Image processing, system integration
Advanced Electronics
    Advanced technologies of IC design, manufacturing, testing & packaging
    System integration of software & hardware
Integrated Application of Smart System
    Experts on related fields
    Senior managers of R&D and international marketing
5G & Advanced Communications
    System integration, advanced communications system design
    Standard related expertise
Bio Medicine & Devices
    Experts on R&D, international marketing, management, & regulatory path
Renewable Energy
    Experts on related fields, from R&D, system design, to operations
Design of Innovative Products & User Experience
    Senior manager R&D and design of user experience
    Interdisciplinary talents
Advanced Technologies & Innovations
    Senior R&D managers
    Image processing system integration
International Financial Services
    Experts on international operation, financial engineering

For more information, please visit the HiRecruit website http://hirecruit.nat.gov.tw or contact Taipei Economic and Trade Office (Email. economic@teto.or.id; Tel. (62-21) 515 3939 ext. 213)